Whenever we travel we seldomly get flight rescheduled may it be because of the weather, delayed flights, overbooking or maintenance. If ever it happens i always make sure that i could take advantage from it.

Some may think of it as a hassle. But do you know you can request for a same day travel? instead of having it rebooked on a different date or refunded. No exemption of course if there's a typhoon. You can review flights available on your schedule flight and getting there without ruining your whole itinerary.

We've planned our Boracay trip thru Philippine Airlines on their direct flight to Caticlan it was a rountrip ticket. 45 days later or a week before our flight we've received email and call from their agent about the flight changes, they have offered me a different date and time as stated on the email on that day as well i got the call from them so i decided to arranged my custom flight with them.

PAL's flight are only coming from Manila that day since flight from cebu is booked and ours was moved. so i suggested to take flight from Cebu to Manila to Kalibo Instead leaving earlier from cebu and departing late from Manila and on the same manner i had my return flight from Iloilo to cebu. and that was great! more places to stop over. Most exciting!


I'd always dreamed to be part of Amazing Race where you have to explore places or countries in a more quickest and adventurous way. and that had happened during this trip.

After settling the flight schedule we then made some calls to friends in Manila and booked us our ABS-CBN Tour and mind it was free, kuya has .... in progress...

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